Bonfire Red is looking for a seasoned front-end ninja who has experience in our type of industry and is hungry to create award-winning work. We hire based on fit and talent. People who are passionate, drive to discover what’s next and have promise to be great will always trump a resume full of buzz words and trending skills.

If the following statements represent YOU, let’s talk.

  • You belong on a creative team, not an IT team
  • You have a kick-ass website and Git Hub link ready to review
  • You play nice in the sandbox with strategists, designers, writers, producers and dogs (all animals really)
  • You inspire and challenge team members, collaborate heavily and leverage your experience to identify opportunities for design / UX improvement
  • You have already created some amazing digital experiences in your previous job
  • You are looking to dial up your craft in stuff like D3, three.js, TweenMax, React, etc…

You are already VERY solid in the following:

  • Angular and other JavaScript frameworks
  • GSAP, jQuery, ScrollMagic, Bootstrap and other libraries
  • Git
  • SASS
  • Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility
  • XML and interacting with public APIs
  • Photoshop and Sketch
  • Knowledge of usability and user experience (UX) design
  • Keen eye for layout, motion, composition, and typography

You should have:

  • 5+ years hands-on experience developing and testing kick-ass websites, digital/mobile experiences and apps
  • Ability to apply creative problem solving skills to stressful situations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Exceptional initiative and attention to detail
  • Ability to sell Bonfire Red technical services for new business opps