Xcelerate Media, Inc., headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, is a custom e-learning company searching for a Voiceover Talent to assist with a wide variety of scripts to be read and integrated into web-based training programs.

A Voiceover/Narration Talent is responsible for reading and understanding audio scripts; analyzing and taking direction and applying that to your character. Audio scripts can range from “Standard Narration” which requires a more corporate tone, to “Character Acting” which can require a more animated and conversational tone based on the overall feel of the e-learning course or marketing piece. This is a contract based position with opportunity for more work in the future.

Key Qualities Include:

  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills
  • Capable of meeting or exceeding assigned deadlines
  • Able to adapt to feedback
  • Must enunciate and speak with correct pronunciation
  • Responsible, outgoing, professional, energetic, and punctual
  • Excellent work ethic and ability to perform in a fast-paced environment

Key Responsibilities:

  • Arrive on time to scheduled appointments
  • Speak clearly with good diction
  • Interpret character personality
  • Recognize the audience and establish connection with tones and emotion
  • Skill in reading from scripts in a natural, conversational way sometimes without rehearsal time
  • Participate in meetings/discussions with clients and internal team members about client evaluation
  • Interpret instruction and perform while being observed
  • Understand tones and versatility of one’s voice
  • Distinguish your character when given a backstory
  • Identify with the 5 main voiceover roles:
    • Narrator – little emotion, informer
    • Announcer – shares information professionally
    • Real Person – relatable/close friend, testimonial
    • Spokesperson – on behalf of an organization
    • Educator – presents information without bias

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Experience in drama/theatre program
  • Ability to speak different languages/accents a plus
  • Degree in broadcasting/communications or proven experience in voiceover or acting