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Creative Best: Whistleblower

That’s a wrap on Creative Best 2021! We hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Creative Best experience, and we hope you’ll join us in 2022.

Residents’ Letter

To the forces that be & you:

Just a year ago, CSCA was celebrating its 50th anniversary and Creative Best from a distance. We were all tucked in our homes reminiscing and sharing an experience in a new format. The world and our community may be different but what has remained true and special — no matter the distance or how much the Algorithm looms — we’re all in this together as residents of Earth.

The strong commitment of our volunteers shows this. With the opportunity to work in new ways, whether traveling or moving to new locations, volunteers connected from around the state and the country. We continue to be grateful for their hard work and their courage stepping into the unknown. They are CSCA and we couldn’t function without them.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe all that’s happened in 2021. Thank you to everyone who played a part:

  • We hosted speaker events with friends new and old. Thank you to AAF Columbus, Climate Designers Midwest, Root, Tool, and The Deeps for co-hosting with us! Thank you to all of this year’s wonderful speakers — and extra cheers to Anna Hetzel, who crushed our only in-person speaker event of the year.
  • Grateful for our lasting partnerships with sponsors like Millcraft Paper Company and Pressworks who work together to help us get all of our special print materials to you — and even support efforts like this very book. We’re thankful for all you do, Terri Price-Deep and Katie Alu.
  • CSCA Gives Back is already in its 5th year and continues to support Central Ohio nonprofits with great work and fresh ideas. Thank you to Kelly Kistler and Alyssa Fejko for their continued leadership and enthusiasm.
  • Our online social community, managed by Kendra Bosse, came together in April to participate in #36DaysofType — once again creating art better than the Algorithm deserves.
  • We put on A Show in May in honor of our belated 50th anniversary led by historical assets manager Lydia Stutzman — with a special thanks to Adam Brouillette and Blockfort for providing the space and flexibility.
  • CSCA hosted a virtual Portfolio Review and a virtual Agency Hop for the second year in a row. Thank you to all of the agencies who shared their spaces, to Kyle Asperger for keeping it together (even from across the country!), and to Dylan McBride for graphic support.
  • We hosted a successful Creative Best judging weekend in George Anderson’s studio thanks to the support of Ray LaVoie. Plus, we got to invite volunteers to a new space for this year’s first in-person meeting, thanks to Dylan Menges and The Fort.
  • Always appreciative of Lance Osborne of Process Interactive who helps keep our website in check and builds out new projects from our wild ideas throughout the year.
  • Happy to have Tax Master Elliott Cennamo on board to keep the budget in line as treasurer and for providing advice as a tenured volunteer. 
  • A joy to have Sasha Bohn managing new memberships year-round and jumping in just about everywhere else.
  • So glad to have Suzy Sprague, who continued on to help us manage a year after being co-president in 2020. 
  • Thankful for Kendra Bosse for leading Creative Best and working with the fantastic team at Holden Ellis who created this year’s theme and design.
  • Additional shoutouts to our stellar judges and everyone who volunteered or supported us in any capacity this year: whether as a photographer (Zach Wilke, Clinton Blake, and Jeffry Konczal), proofreader, board member, or Creative Best sponsor or volunteer (so many of you!).

We can’t wait for our 52nd year with incoming presidents Kendra Bosse and Tanya Vora, who are already spinning top secret new ideas. And we welcome you to join us as we continue to adapt and grow.

Please remember: The Algorithm may try to pull you down, but don’t let it suffocate you. Your voice will not be redacted. We will not be redacted. But — if you do feel that nagging need for a like every once in a while, you can tag us and we’ll be there. One million thank yous for engaging with this community of wondrous and strange communicating artists and designers. We like you.

Classified CSCA Personnel

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Printed Awards Book
This year’s books, printed on Millcraft paper by Pressworks, might be some of the best ones yet, thanks to Holden Ellis! If you’d still like to order a book or want a few more, they are available for purchase!
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Awards Show Video

Event Photos
Check out pictures of all of the fun we had at our favorite event of the year, captured by the always incredible Jeffry Konczal!
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Social Media Roundup
Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Creative Best possible! Volunteers, sponsors, we couldn’t have done it without you. And CONGRATS to the winners!

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Thank You Sponsors

Creative Best requires a huge amount of support and collaboration — thanks to the following for making it happen with us.

Platinum Holden Ellis | Pressworks and Katie Alu

Gold Portfolio Creative

Bronze Millcraft and Terri Price-Deep | George Anderson | Ray LaVoie | Lance Osborne of Process Interactive | Lineage Brewing

Patron Jeffry Konczal | Zach Wilke | Elliott Cennamo

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021