In this day and age, quarantine has brought the world of film production in Ohio as well as Los Angeles to a sudden halt, however this has also opened up opportunities for personal projects to be developed. One of which would be this animated film short, being produced and written by a well known director , whom happens to also be one of the chairmen for the Writers Guild of America. .,. That’s the project.

The pitch:. As the art director of this project, and current resident of Ohio. I would like to find someone that is fluent with 2D animation ( taking a character from concept to sketch to movement) and I would like for them to be from Ohio and easy to work with.

The offer: I fully understand that without getting something, there would be no incentive to do anything, so compensation will be discussed with the chosen candidates.
If you are interested in working on a cool animated project, that will also give you the opportunity to network with some pretty big names in the industry, then please send me your demo reel or reel link.