Copywriter Job Description
Client: ABB Industrial Automation
Work with the Marketing Communications Manager of ABB Industrial Automation, as well as associated business, sales, product, marketing and communications managers, to understand and execute the organization’s copywriting and content management needs (brochures, case studies, news releases, order announcements, social media posts, success stories, video scripts, webpages, white papers etc.). Special focus will be on “evidence of value” content (e.g. case studies, order announcements, success stories, customer testimonial video scripts). Receive and manage copywriting assignments, and meet scheduled needs. Work assignments and scheduling according to agile project management practices (i.e. two-week “sprint” work cycles etc.). Requirements include interviewing ABB customers, product managers, sales people, service people or other ABB employees to collect information from which to complete assignments:

  • interview ABB customers, product managers, sales people, service people etc. to understand the offerings and messages to be conveyed;
  • study written marketing material as needed to enhance understanding;
  • write and edit assigned work;
  • edit or rewrite drafts written by product or marketing managers;
  • identify requirements for and/or draft relevant art to support content for which copy has been written (photographs, drawings, diagrams, charts etc. – designer will complete this work);
  • manage the process through to completion;
  • work with audio-visual, design and/or digital marketing personnel to complete, post, print and/or publish work product for which copy has been written;
  • understand and adhere to version-control process for future revisions;
  • proactively stay abreast of revisions through close contact with product marketing manager and/or product managers to ensure timely production;
  • maintain revisions and publishing version control.

Desire for assignment is to evolve into a content management position by which the candidate develops the overall “voice” and standards for high-quality copywriting, and maintains these standards through editing or guiding other writers and suppliers. Desire for this assignment includes ownership and continuous development of “evidence of value” content, tracking and metrics. This “evidence of value” content area can be seen as a kind of publishing role, with the candidate responsible for creating and/or finding evidence-of-value content, ensuring its creation and dissemination on agreed frequency in various vehicles (webpages, marketing emails, social media, insertions in white papers and sales presentations etc.). This assignment would work closely with the Service Value Manager and his library of “Service Value Calculators” that generate Return-on-Investment calculations for customers and prospects, and help this manager publicize this information. To this end, a basic understanding of industrial economic value drivers, or a willingness to learn them, is required.

  • Interest in, familiarity with, and/or and ability to understand business value of and technical concepts related to industrial automation technology, and convey such concepts in writing.
  • Excellent facility with the English language (writing test may be administered during the interview process). Facility with other languages desirable but not required.
  • Very good writing skills, including: strong content organization; tight, clear sentence structure; good grasp of grammar; and effective (i.e. simple) word choice for maximum comprehension by international audiences.
  • Basic understanding of good and effective document and webpage design (references, graphics, layout etc.). Must be able to take document from interview through final text and design concept with minimal additional input.
  • Solid understanding and facility with Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.; as well as basic Adobe programs such as Acrobat etc.
  • Basic ability to generate graphic representations of key concepts using Microsoft or Adobe software (design competency desirable but not required – designer can finish this work).
  • High production ability.
  • Ability to closely adhere to plans and meet deadlines, yet willing and able to adjust as needed to business demands.
  • Ability to adhere to and/or create appropriate standards and processes for efficient and repeatable development of good copywriting, including style, substance and salience.
  • Understanding and facility with basic financial concepts, such as return on investment, revenue, gross and net margin, return on capital employed etc. Deep understanding of these concepts is not required; willingness to learn is.

Position type:
Full-time (at least 40 hours a week), moving to ABB employment if the fit is good.
ABB Industrial Automation is a $6.3 billion global business serving the productivity needs of ABB’s process industries, utilities and transportation customers. ABB is a $28 billion technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB has four customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation, supported by the ABB Ability™ digital platform. This position has the potential to set copywriting and content management standards in this major multinational. Position is in Westerville, Ohio, USA.
Dave Biros, Marketing Communications Manager, ABB Industrial Automation