As creative coordinator, you are the linchpin between the creative services and client service teams. You sit on the creative team. You understand and love the creative process, but you think like a project manager with an eye on the prize of perfect, timely delivery. You partner with the creative team to assign work across the agency, and you are a liaison between all project teams. You stick to process, you stick to timelines and you’re a stickler for efficiency. You are a problem-solver. You are comfortable with a bit of chaos. You are a watchdog. You are air traffic control. And at times, you can be the bad cop.

You partner with client service team members early on to build realistic timelines and project plans. And you partner with the creative team to ensure smart resource allocation and project stacking to align with those timelines and plans. You manage real-time status of every project in the agency through our digital PM tool, chasing answers when they’re needed, adjusting internal schedules when it’s warranted and ensuring everything is moving forward and that everyone who needs to know, does.

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