Holden Ellis, a Creative Agency, is looking for a creative maestro to lead the ideation, development and implementation of design and all-around strategic yet crazy-ass ideas. The ideal candidate will work with our Creative Director to lead creative solutions for branding, web design, print design, environmental design, experiential design, campaign design, email design and social asset design. We value those who push creative boundaries for the us and our clients.


  • Work collaboratively with team, Creative Director and owner to create innovative and conceptual assets for web, print and video.
  • Communicate directly with clients
  • Act as project manager on various projects
  • Deliver creative that would compel Stefan Sagmeister to pat you on the back
  • Ideation for brands, projects and campaigns
  • Manger of Design Interns


  • 3+ years of design experience (preferably in an agency setting)
  • Strong skills in typography, design, conceptual storytelling and visual communication
  • Expert knowledge in Adobe Creative Suites
  • Positive, optimistic outlook
  • Problem-solver (this is cliché, we know, but it’s true)
  • Laser focus on details
  • Enjoys working in open, collaborative environmental
  • Bonus points for ability to animate motion graphics
  • Street cred for being musically inclined

Bold Ideas
Creativity drips from our pores. It sticks to everything we touch. Our ideas, regardless of role, must be bold. Novel. Innovative. Our approach to a challenge is uncommon yet clear. Bold ideas come from an understanding of how to solve a problem but rise with originality and thoughtfulness. We will be bold and so will our ideas.
Relentless Execution
The devil is in the details. Tremendous creative ideas fall short with poor execution. Greatness is achieved when any task is done so with an unwavering commitment to your craft. Be relentless in what you do. And be relentless in how you execute your talent.
Universal Gratitude
We do really great work for really great people. It’s important to remember that. And to remember the ride we are on. Gratitude for the process, for the grind and for the end result is hard work. Gratitude for one another and the creative journey we are on gives our work a deeper meaning.
You are Holden Ellis
At the intersection of knowing thy shit and owning thy shit you’ll find Holden Ellis–a collection of creative minds, that together, achieve greatness. We are the sum of our parts, like Voltron. And because of this, that means you can leave your ego at your previous place of employment. We are a team. Our goal is to put forth the best creative we can. We are accountable. We are empathetic. We sweat the small stuff as much as the big. We, especially you, are Holden Ellis.
Holden Ellis is a boutique creative company located in Columbus, OH that provides marketing, design, video, copy, social and photography for clients located around the country. Check the company out at holdenellis.com or on the Gram at “@holdenellis_”. Those interested in joining the Holden Ellis ranks should apply by sending their portfolio and resume to josh@holdenellis.com.