Role: UX/UI Design Lead TribeVest TribeVest is a FinTech startup located in Columbus, OH. TribeVest is changing the paradigm for how small groups of like-minded individuals prosper. We believe every dream has a tribe. Our Purpose is to bring people with shared dreams together and help them unify. The TribeVest Platform enables you and your team to organize into a goal-aligned tribe to accelerate capital growth toward a shared dream or vision. We have been methodical about taking TribeVest from the concept phase to the proof of concept phase and are currently in the building and on-boarding beta product phase. We are ready to scale across all areas of the business.
The Role: We’re building the company through a product-led growth strategy and we need passionate, entrepreneurial-minded individuals that are risk takers, big thinkers, creatives, and evangelists to help us build something incredible. As the User Experience Lead, you are responsible for designing the digital experience for the TribeVest software platform. You will work closely with Developers & our Head of Product to brainstorm and deliver new features that enhance the customer experience. This position reports to the Head of Product and will be an active member of the Product team.
This position’s primary responsibility is ensuring that TribeVest continues to build an easy to understand and consistent customer experience no matter how the customer is engaged with TribeVest products.
What You’ll Do: ? Your goal is about one thing: creating the most engaging product experience possible for TribeVest customers. ? Defining and implementing the company ’s UX strategy across all customer-facing software products ? Create high-fidelity mockups using Adobe XD, Sketch, and/or similar software ? Assist with user research, persona building, and journey mapping ? Lead user testing with all stakeholders ? Assist with user research, persona building, and journey mapping ? Create a range of design output including wireframes, mockups, and prototypes ? Find ways to add small touches to our digital products that “surprise and delight ” our users ? Create and manage relevant design documentation that can be used by future product team members to ensure consistent standards across TribeVest. Who You Are: ? You’re an experienced UX designer with the ability to apply your expertise across a broad spectrum of channels, from mobile to web-based applications. ? Despite your experience and success, you know that you are “just getting started! ” – like TribeVest. ? You can easily move from strategic planning to tactical execution of the plan. ? You have a passion for startups, growth, and customer focused product driven design. ? You are a voracious learner and desire to be continually challenged. Learning new skills as UX possibilities constantly evolves. ? You regularly roll up your sleeves to execute on a plan, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. ? You’re flexible and comfortable with change and ambiguity involved in early-stage startups. How You’ll Excel in this Role: ? You have 5+ years of being a UX designer ? Demonstrated experience with UX design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch. ? You are deeply analytical and feel comfortable regularly reporting on results. You might even describe yourself as a data-driven designer. ? You’re highly self-motivated, flexible and comfortable with change involved in early-stage startups ? You’re excited about the fast pace of a growing, changing startup environment, with the opportunity for growth as we build out the product team ? You’re self-directed, but also great at collaborating across disciplines and teams, including giving and receiving thoughtful feedback.
Why You’ll Love It: TribeVest is a startup. Compensation comes in many forms. I hope you are looking for more than monetary rewards. At TribeVest your contributions matter and will be recognized. This position will be part of the leadership team. As a business leader at TribeVest you will have a direct and immediate impact on the business. If the list of benefits below is appealing to you we would love the opportunity to discuss it further. 1. More responsibility. You will be the decision maker for your area of the business. 2. More opportunities. You will have room to grow. You’ll be able to do a lot of different things. 3. Flexibility. You are the driver and you know what needs to be done. You will make it happen. 4. Equity. You will be an owner of the business. Your hard work will lead to future rewards. You will be a direct contributor to your future. 5. Direct Impact. You’ll have a direct and positive impact on your customers. TribeVest empowers our customers to realize their dreams and change their lives. You will be a direct contributor to their success. 6. Recognition. Your work will be recognized and you’ll get direct feedback on your failures. This is a small team; we are here to support one another! Maybe poke a little fun, as well. 7. You’ll work in an awesome atmosphere, which includes: a. Casual work environment. b. Onsite workout facilities. c. Work with like-minded people who have the same drive and excitement for creation as you do. d. The startup community is a great, close-knit group. All around you, people are coming up with innovative solutions to age-old problems or making that new tool that simplifies or enhances your life in some way. That entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, and if you don ’t feel it or catch it, then you’re actively avoiding it.
Monetary Compensation: let’s discuss. We are flexible but you need to understand monetary compensation will not be what you could make at a Fortune 1,000 company. We are willing to be creative so that we can achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement. Approximate Compensation Range: $45,000 to $70,000 Approximate Equity Range: 0.25% to 2% Interested? Please send responses to: Josh Wilson, COO & Co-Founder. Email: