Are you a creative with a digital obsession?

A web designer on our team should have a basic understanding of strategy and how it integrates into and informs digital experiences. A strong understanding of front end web design in general, and in WordPress and Squarespace specifically is critical. The ability to be confident & creating, customizing and troubleshooting templates with HTML and CSS is also critical. Demonstrable ability to implement and manage standard website technologies and best practices is critical.

Job mix: 10% assimilating and contributing to brand strategy, 60% web design, 30% website administration and maintenance

More about Conspire:Conspire is a full-service creative agency that moves organizations from point A to B by building brands and telling stories that inspire people to move.

We exist to help people and organizations believe they change the world by what they do together.

Our vision is a world where more people feel passionate about the work they do every day, because they believe their role matters in a story with purpose.

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