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This pandemic has been isolating for us all, and as a community group, it’s difficult to bring people together and make connections like we used to.

So we had an idea: for CSCA 2021, we plan to have each month’s speaker event sponsored by a local agency to widen the audience and bring more voices from our community to the forefront.

What do we mean by “sponsor”? We like to think of it as co-hosting! The agency will be in charge of picking a guest speaker and creating the promo materials. CSCA will handle all the event logistics.

Steps to Become a Co-Host:


Sign up for an event and take note of the timelines associated.

Plan and Organize

Reach out to speakers. A good rule of thumb is that you’ll get 1 yes out of 5 requests.
Sample reach-out letter

  • Who is a good speaker? It is preferred that the speaker is from outside of the Columbus community. This should be a speaker that you would like to see because their experience and work and ethos are personally exhilarating. They do creative work that is outside of the norm and challenge you to be better and think differently.
  • Speakers should be in the realm of communicating arts: design, copywriting, illustration, photography, user experience, motion graphics, film, environmental, etc.
    List of potential speakers reference
  • We also prefer that this guest speaker not have spoken to the Columbus audience directly in the last three years.
    Historical list of speakers reference
  • Please consider diversity when compiling your list of candidates.
  • Funds: We have some money allocated for speaker fees to be used at CSCA’s discretion: total for the full year not to exceed $2,500. For example, we can afford 5 events with $500 speaker fees, or 2 events with a $1000 speaker fee. CSCA will handle the accounting, please just let us know if there will be a speaker fee associated with your speaker.


Write and design a promotional asset that communicates the value of this event. Who is the speaker, where are they from, what do they do, what is their claim-to-fame, what makes them tick, and what should an audience member expect to get out of this presentation?

  • Only one main asset is required. Optional: design all the promotional materials.
    List of deliverables and specs
  • Supply to CSCA 3–10 secondary creative assets from the speaker’s portfolio to be used in auxiliary promotional materials.


Share this event on social media at least once, and preferably more!


Please plan to attend this event as a co-host. CSCA will handle the announcements at the beginning of the event, and you will be responsible for introducing the speaker.

Sign me up!

Have more questions?

Drop us a line at info@cscarts.org, or join us for our Kick-off Meeting on Tuesday, January 12 @ 6:30 PM!

Friday, January 1, 2021