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How do you make someone stop scrolling, stop walking, stop channel-flipping and take notice? That’s the question Chris Wire is obsessed with. The answer seems to be building something fascinating and unique, taking no shortcuts, getting your hands dirty.

As the head of Real Art in Dayton, Chris gets to build fascinating and unique objects and experiences every day. He’s also built a creative team that adds their own abilities to the mix – abilities including (but not limited to) programming, hacking, welding, woodworking, designing, painting, writing, filming and recording. Also selling, because Real Art is an agency with clients (big ones, like Converse, Chipotle, Lowes, the Ohio Department of Health, Whirlpool and more).

But what do you do when your shop builds fantastical shared physical experiences and a pandemic shuts down everything?

Glad you asked. Tune in for the answer.

Special thanks to our gracious co-hosts, Terri Price-Deep and Brian Deep!

This event is free to attend!


Thursday, May 20, 2021
7:00pm – 8:00pm