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When a good portion of the people you’ve photographed are known by their first name alone, well, you’ve arrived. When you balance that notoriety by taking equal care capturing those around us every day — business types, bikers, babies, and the like — then you’ve achieved something even more special.

Such is the portfolio of George Lange, a photographer whose work you’ve almost certainly seen and enjoyed. But as we’ll learn when we meet him next week, it’s the portraits you might not have seen that are equally invigorating. Like every member of CSCA, George’s work is based on making connections with an audience — triggering responses long after the image itself is seen.

Join CSCA for our first speaker event of 2008, as we welcome George Lange for an intimate look at his life and work, and how he and his staff create photographs that tell stories, reveal intimacies, and leave an imprint not soon forgotten.

Thursday, January 17, 2008