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It would seem spring had arrived much too early in Columbus on February 17th with soaring temperatures of sixty-five degrees that matched the mood awakened in our minds. Audience Awakened. Audience Inspired. Audience Revitalized. And how could we not be? From the animated smile of Mark Christou to his simple quips that highlighted the night in bold fashion, every attendee seemed to beam with signs of budding motivation.

“Let the work do the talking? was a directive we might have expected to hear from Pearlfisher’s young powerhouse, known for his “simplistic yet bold” approach that has shaped the branding of countless designs for close to ten years now. But we might not have expected the personal revelations that also leapt into our psyche just as easily as Mark himself jumped across the pond to begin Pearlfisher’s work in NYC. “I had to get over my fear of being judged,” Christou stated plainly. With his repertoire of straightforward designs that have achieved dominant effects, the honest statement gave recognition to the pressure creatives face: the same pressure that shapes our end message as a result. “Focus on what matters. What other people think of you isn’t what matters,” Mark followed up, and simultaneously reminded us of our responsibility as communicators to push the limits; to never satisfy our own need to learn and create. Keep growing. Keep moving. Keep spinning.

As an audience of communicators born into a “the medium is the message” world, the quick quip from Christou to “Simplify the Message” also reverberated internally. Christou added, “Creativity is individual. It means something different to everyone.” A sparkle in Christou’s eye along with that effortless phrase might craft the tune we will keep on singing into a coming Columbus spring.

Thursday, February 17, 2011
275 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, United States