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Gritty, organic images of Modest Mouse that blur live action and old-school stop motion. Fluid, tone-on-tone imagery for Nike. Messy, hand-painted microstories for Country Music Television. Lush print and animation visions for Coca-Cola, Cartoon Network, Samsung and others.

Welcome to the diverse, surreal, and utterly watchable worldview of Nando Costa.

In just nine years, Brazil-born Costa has earned the reputation as one of the most startling, innovative short video makers in the world. After agency stints in Boston, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, and Cupertino (guess where), he settled in Portland. It’s his base for partnerships with ad agencies, design studios, and others who seek his unique imprint on photography, graphic design, and, above all else, wildly inventive animated and live-action content for broadcast, online, and any other channel you can think of.

Spend a few minutes clicking around his Flickr stream and you’ll see he’s out in the world as much as behind a monitor. From rigging a camera (focused on a slug) deep in a forest, to tinkering in letterpress and laser-cutting shops, Nando goes to any length to create the shot, prop, or relationship he needs to create a visual you’ve never seen before.

Don’t miss a chance to peek behind the scenes of some of the most startling imagery being created today.

Thursday, October 25, 2012
175 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215, United States