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Roanne’s tagline for the original fashion brand HONOR catapulted into our view and came to life; layers of texture and color melted into a liquid mosaic that became an ethereal version of innocence, yet sophistication; one reflective visual after another left an otherworldly impression on each of the audience as we traveled through RoAndCo’s staggering portfolio of fashion identities. We were instantly a part of that same filtration process RoAndCo begins with each client, where “distilling a client’s inspirations, ideas, and motivations” echoes in brands we love. It also felt we had we been transported far away from the ordinary state of OSU; the orange construction barrels that dotted our path as we trudged to Knowlton Hall in soaring heat disappeared, and we were captured on that same beam of prismatic inspiration; caught in that balance Roanne signified as the catalyst for effective branding and translated into a sole identity. We could feel the emotions of each lucky shopper who reads an HONOR authenticity tag created with each fashion in mind by RoAndCo; we were privileged to unwrap our own little piece of life and art, and through the flutters of color Roanne so generously displayed across the screen before us, graphic revelations took vivid shape.

Maybe a butterfly is just one muse for Roanne as she builds a storyboard for each new brand, and then strips it down to just the most influential of all sources. “Capturing the balance is what brings our branding to life,” Roanne quipped when speaking of the evolution of HONOR’s original coat of arms creation; “utilizing hard angles and soft flowers simultaneously” molded an effective masculine and feminine mix, and kept her client as well as the all important consumer in mind, since in Roanne’s view, “the consumer is as important as the client” when we endeavor as designers to build an entirely holistic brand. Roanne places herself dead center and always at the heart of the birth of each identity, and mandates a mark that is indelible as an industry icon. We discovered a glimpse of how she does that time and again; one tip from her methodology was to remember “the client is the inspiration”; in essence, her last campaign for accessories designer Timo Weiland was all about ribbons; show attendees traveled back in time to when children danced under Maypoles, encountering a world of whimsy and fun with each design while on a modern runway.

Incorporating pieces of the past into the future of her designs also waves boldly through HONOR’s pledge — “Honor the Past, Honor the Future”; a visual layering of line embossed, foil, gilded, and strategically placed gold becomes a logo that shines with what Roanne has learned throughout her career. She casually commented that even though “she hasn’t made it,” she finds it helpful to “observe and seek out others who excel at their craft”, and that “a healthy dose of competition, along with an entrepreneurial spirit’ is required. Unveiling her horizon of experience has also meant she must “embrace failure as a part of success.” Our eyes were mesmerized with only the gracious and eloquent approach of her art however; especially when she wished us all the best, and thanked us too, ending our evening together with a single heart.

Thursday, July 21, 2011
275 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, United States