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When it comes to the world of type, Stephen Coles does a bit of everything. Even created his very own fairy tale career by (gasp) doing what he loves most. Yes, it happens.

There he was, back in ‘04, working like crazy on Typgraphica—creating industry news, typographic sundries, and even occasionally producing a critique of FontShop. (You read that right.) So the Berlin-based FontShop did just what you might expect. They hired him and let him build the job of his dreams.

Stephen says: We tossed ideas on the board, and I picked the stuff that suited me. It was my introduction to a hiring philosophy that seems logical but is sadly rare: find people you trust and let them do what they do best.

Six years later, FontShop is a global force in design. With a curated type collection and a trusted brand, it’s reasserted itself as the font retailer for creative professionals. And Stephen is on to his next big thing(s). Visit his website for an immaculately curated visual exploration of everything type. Pick up his critically acclaimed book The Anatomy of Type to learn to develop a good typographic eye.

And finally, don’t miss your chance to experience the voice of type—Stephen Coles.

About Our Guest
Stephen Johansson Coles is a writer, designer, and typographic consultant who is particularly obsessed with typeface selection and the relationship between font makers and users. Formerly the Type Director at FontShop San Francisco, Stephen now works independently between Berlin and his cat’s home in Oakland. Stephen is author of the book The Anatomy of Type and is a regular contributor to Print magazine. He is also a Type Camp instructor, a member of the FontFont TypeBoard, and was a judge for the 2012 TDC Typeface Design Competition.

Thursday, March 28, 2013
1550 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43201, United States